Final Day in Bo

Greetings! Today was our last day with the kids at the CRC. We spent the day doing LOTS of fun VBS activities and participating in Vespers with the kids one last time. Our goodbye was a bit sad, but mostly filled with joy and gratitude for the opportunity we all got to spread God’s word in such an amazing place. The kids and staff will continue to be in our hearts and prayers.

Love from Bo!




A Day of Celebrations in Bo!

Greetings! Today we finished mending all of the mosquito nets in the children’s houses, did final preparations for VBS, and ended the day with a wonderful farewell celebration for Ken, the outgoing field director, and our team. We were honored with a cultural dance, listened to many guest speakers, and enjoyed a meal cook by the CRC staff. We ended the night with a glow stick party!

Also, this morning was our last time to see the kids off to school. It was an extra special morning.

Tomorrow is our last full day in Bo and we are looking forward to spending the day with the kids and staff at VBS.

Love from Bo!



Outreach Day #2

Greetings! Today the other half of our team went on a medical outreach mission to another neighboring village. We also finished organizing and sprucing up the library at the CRC and we mended numerous mosquito nets in the children’s rooms. These nets help protect the kids from potentially contracting malaria while they’re sleeping. Tomorrow we are wrapping up projects and preparing for a full day of VBS on Saturday!

Love from Bo!

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